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Man on the Bar
Improvised electrical plug that is not safe
Watching movie on the laptop
Man guarding his motorbike while sitting
Reverse signages
Wonderful pose amidst laundry
Feet Without a Footwear
Broken copper plug
Cellphone battery charging services
Laundry in the bathroom
Road without cement
Local woman wearing a  leather jacket
Unfinished Building with People on It
Open black and white wire
Small mallet on a table
Solar drying the backpacks
You want to try this shirt?
Andy Graham posing in between friends
Plug Adaptor on the Wall
Switch on the wall
Big metal bottle cap
Almost all green landscape
Beautiful smile of a local residence
Andy Graham woman with beaded hair ornament
Open Electrical switch and plug
Rag on the floor
Wooden bottle opener
Buildings near farm lots
Hanging on a cloth line
Andy Graham among local friends

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