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Technician Testing the Battery
Young Man Holding a Pen and Paper
Man Leaning on the Bike
A Majestic View of the Mountain
Different Variety of Green Crops
Hotel Virunga Hotel
Close Up View of the Battery Tester
Towe and Curtains Hanging
Logo of the Bike
Assorted Vehicle Batteries
Stone House of the Locals
Wall with Gorilla Paintings
Chaffing Dish on the Table
Black Pouch on the Pavement
Two New Bikes
Used Vehicle Batteries
Teenager Playing with the Ball
Local Boy Cleaning the Kitchen
Local Food on Display
Local Supermarket Infront of the House
House with a Mountain Background
Hill with Planted Crops
Group of Boys Playing
Two Blue Monoblocks Piled
Cheerful Employee Wearing a Red Blazer
BAM Rest House Signage
Green Plantation with Local Houses
No Paved Road Towards the Village
Locals Cleaning the Floor
Local Cooks in the Kitchen

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