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Locals Getting Water
Table at the Restaurant
Locals Cooking the Food
Cut Extension Wire
Red Bathroom Essentials
Flockline Hotel Signage
Locals Taking a Rest After Fetching the Water Container
Table with Condiments
Local Vendor Selling Guava
Broken Extension Wire
Bathroom Essentials with Water
Pretty Young Lady
Houses on the Plantation
Kitchen of the Restaurant
Green Ripe Guavas
Extension Wire with Detached Plug Adaptor
Wet Flat Sheets
Tourism and Hotel Training Institute Signage
Customer Sitting with a Thermos
Cooking Utensils on Top of the Stone Stove
Yummy Slice Guava
13 AMP Plug Adaptors
Sky Blue Motel Laundry
Solar Charger of Blackberry Smart Phone
Holy Leap Restaurant
Close Up View of the Stone Stove
Slice Guava on the Plate
White Plug Adaptor
Flockline Hotel
Local Cellphone Dealer

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