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Highway Road Going to the City
Pile Of Green Bananas
Black Cow with Sharp Horn
Local Boy Posing Infront of the Cow
Two Cable Satelites
Local Cashier of the Store
One Fine Day
Box Hanging on the Wall
Houses of the Locals
Mother Cow and it's Baby
Chalkboard Hanging on the Wall
Pineapples on the Crate
Pink Small Establishments
Bed with Blue Mosquito Net
Men Loading Merchandise on the Truck
Mother Cow Walking with it's Babies
Sunny Day for the Cows
Nakayima Hotel Receipt
Across the Road View of the Pink Establishment
Red Water Tank
Four Wheeled Trucks with Cargo
Group of Brown Cows
Sleeping Cow on the Grass
Close Up View of Nakayima Hotel Receipt
Man Carrying Bananas at the Back of His Bike
Cow Led being Tied
Three Cows Eating Banana Leaves
Road Going to the Town
Cooked String Beans
People Falling in Line at Stanbic Bank

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