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African girls All Smiles
Overloaded Vans
Toll booth to enter Lome, Togo, but the road still sucks
Childrens Shoes
Andre Graham Testing Positive for Malaria in Blood Test
Lome Doctor from Benin, she has Iphone
Carrying Sacks of Grain on Head
European Union SUV Passing us like we was Standing Still
Insurance Sales
ATM's are Teaching People to Read
Waiting in Lome Hospital Line where Everybody Cuts Line
Benin Women working as Doctor in Lome
Tress or Tissage
Typical Land in Togo, very Little Farming done
Skin Lotion Sales is big in Togo
Lome Home Stay Bed for Seven Dollars per Night
Broken Scales, one time I weighed 67 K and next time 85 k
Medical Clinic Courtyard in Lome
Preparing my Dip Shower and knowing a Can could be a Dipper
Heavily Load Van
Travel Size Toothpaste
Malaria Medicine Purchased
Room to Take Blood Sample and Physical for Malaria
Lome is a Beach City even at Medical Clinic
Young Simple Togo Girl Washing Clothes
Bags of Cement Hanging out rear of public Transport
Sun Protection by Umbrella
Lufanter Malaria Medicine
Clinic Cart
Waiting Benches at Lome Medical Clinic

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