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Closer Look at the Bus Crash
Just enough for a bed and side table
Gloomy Day at the Pier
The Village under the Temple
Empty Street
Monks also spending time on the beach
Nivea Whitening Facial Foam
Very Thin Walk Way
Nearing the Pier Area
Old Fishing Boat
Local Sewing Lady
Tam Pang Beach Resort
A couple of Jack Fruits
Only Way to Hang a Towel
Big Oil Ship
Fishing Boats Parked
Clear and Beautiful Beach Front
Local Translation for Tam Pang Beach Resort Sign
Golden Elephant Statue
Across the Street of Robinson
Tug Boats along th Oil Ship
Only Scooters being used
Lone Tent near the Sea
Erawan House Calling Card
Place of Worship
Robinson Mall
Temple's View from the Ferry
Speakers on the Electric Post
Monks  at the Beach
Local Area Map to Hotel

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