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Dark Clouds Meaning About to Rain
Closer look of a big Cottage
Two Story Cottages
Nice View of People on a White Sand
Water Skies Vendors
Getting Some Sun and Sleep
Closer look at the Pier
Two Story Cottage Near the Beach
Sun Bathing on White Sand
Different Color Roofs
Same Same Burger and Shawarma Stand
White Buddha Statue
Docking Area of the Pier
Building Hidden Behind Trees
Walking around a White Beach
Enjoying the White Beach
Far Away View of the Mountain
Buddha Over Looking From the Mountain
Far View of the Beach Cottages
Cottages at the Edge of Water
People Taking in at of Heat
A lot of People Enjoying the Beach
Looking from the Top of the Ferry
White Buddha In Khao Yai Mountain
Beautiful Cottages at the Side of the Mountain
Nice View of the Trees and Cottages
Locals also Enjoying the Beach
Fishing Boats on the Beach
Enjoying the Ferry Ride
The View from our ferry

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