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Grocery Bag from Family Mart
Two Portable Comfort Rooms
Price List on the Wall
Upper View of the Machine
Young Couple Ready to Go
Folded Umbrellas and Caps on Display
Girl looking at the Back
Tied Door of the Comfort Room
Due Date Form of the Loan
Three White Thread Attached to the Machine
Green Rice Steamer
Assorted Long Umbrellas on Display
Street Pedestrian Marks
Sy Publishing Ltd. Signage
Seamstress During Her Break Time
Work Area of the Sewer
Delicious Cooked Rice
Happy Owner of the Store
Street Pedestrian Sign
Book on a Palm
Green Knitting Machine
Vehicles Stopping on the Street
Assorted Items for the Rainy Season
Folded Umbrellas on the Rack
Pedestrian Green Traffic Light
Close Up View of a Cook Book
Close Up View of the Knitting Machine
Young Man Wants to Ride a Cab on a  Rainy Day
Owner of the Store
Mabcot Calling Card

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