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Temple guarded by gargoyle-like statues
Ancient compass in changdeokgung symbol
Connecting cultures between generations
Stone Fortress like structure
Toasted bread with melted cheese
Gangster of gray eel
Hand painted design to the last line and stroke
There must have been many travelers that was guided by this ancient gadget
Bar's basement entrance
Pond full with water lilies
Two global atm
Gray asian swamp eel
Kaleidoscope of bright colors on the walls
We thought we were more knowledgeable than the ancient people
We are locked out
When one wants peace and solitude
Starbucks Shop
Hagfish is actually not a fish but more of a eel
When colors beautifully collide
The compass changed direction destiny will change
Where cremation were done before
Pagoda cottage
You just call 1330
Hagfish has toothy projections
Ancient compass on a concrete stand
From a distance it looked like an exquisite wash stand
Solid massive padlock
Pagoda cottage by the forest
You just call 1330 travel info service
Hagfish taking its place in the menu

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