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Asian man in fedora hat
Skewered roadside foods
Smiling oriental woman
Changdeokgung palace sign
Deserted ancient temple
Beautiful tourist site
Grilled hotdogs that are yummy
Yummy deep fried siomai
Intricately designed oriental scarf on a female's head
Deserted ancient palace
No temple guards standing around
Lovers were dwarfed because of the huge temple at the background
Asian steamed foods
Red juicy grilled hotdogs
Smiling oriental woman in light make up
Vast palace courtyard
Stone markers at the courtyard
Intricately carved designs on a Temple
Siomai yummy feast
Stop by dinner
Amazing Pagoda place
Temple entrance
We worship with our modern gadgets
When details matter
Pile of yummy grilled hotdogs
Tattooed man
Tour guide discussing the tour site
Local tourists enjoying the sites
The korean tourist guide
Hand paint walls and trusses

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