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Via Via Auberge in Yoff Senegal close to Airport in Dakar
Arab Insecticide will kill anything
Sewer water flowing into the street in Yoff Senegal
Pile Of Hollow Blocks
Hollow Blocks by the Roadside
SUV Parked in Alley
Via Via Auberge Sign Dakar
Horse Carts
Sewer water smelling and coming up from ground in Yoff
Construction Tie Wires
Open Window
Empty Roof Deck
Overland Africa SUV in front of Via Via
Two Dollar and fifty cent light, I am using to light mirror in shower.
Sewer water making the road wet in Yoff
Heavy Duty Cable Plier
Dusty Ceiling Fan
Horse-drawn vehicle
French Bread With Coffee And Juice
All my light switches are marked, because I mark them in the Hotel room
Alcool for 2000 CFA or four dollars
Dusty Road
Red Shirt and Pink Laundry Clip
Looking for Someplace to Rest
Insecticide next to door so I remember to spray the room down as I leave.
Draining the last amount of shampoo out of my bottle soon to be retired
Bending Construction Steel
Man Walking on Dusty Road
Good Road Condition
Homeless Man Crossing the Road

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