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Hillside houses
A pit sewer
USA refined vegetables
My temporary simple abode
Tiled wall
Window with metal grills
Unpaved sloping road
Alot of houses along the hillside
Canned refined vegetables
Banana plants found at the foot of the valley
Lone pine tree fronting commercial building
Sunlight filtered from the window
Woman carrying essentials for the home
Patches of farms lots in the hillside
Vegetables in a tin can
Public outdoor toilet
My own portable water heater
Matar super market parking lot
Green valley that has sloping farm lands
Northern highland initiative sign
Comptoir pharmaceutique store
Birds eye view of the local  valley
Rough pavement
Store cashier
Farmer terraces
Dusty empty cross roads
Writings on the blackboard
Mud wall and stone walls
Beautiful courtyard with plants
He's a grocery cashier

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