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Carrying a Bucket full of water
Very Green Plants
Snail Eating a Leaf
Closer look of the Snail
Local Worker Resting
Beach Cottage
Riding a Motorcycle
Snail on the Stem of a Plant
Big Snail
Squatter's path way
Quite Beach Front
Life Guard Booth
Saving the Ice
Healthy Snail Crawling
Big Snail on a Leaf
Effects of a Flood
Surfing Time
Little Surfmaid Resort
Trying to Save the Ice
Living Snail
Snail Crawling on a Leaf
Very Thin Path way
Checking out the Surf Board
Surf Board for rent
Packing Ice on a Motorcycle
Beautiful Green Plants
Snail on Top of a Leaf
Squatter Area in Manila
Surf Boards Parking
Stack of Surf Boards

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