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Way Above The Clouds
Particularly Amazing Curves
God Is Like Playing Connect The Dots When Creating This River
Man Has The Strange Ability To Change The Course Of Things
I Only See Logs And Lumber...I Do Not See Any Seedling For Replanting
Glassful Of Milk Shake
Vibrant Display Of Natural Wonders
Can't Risk A Flat Tire
Cotton ball-like Clouds
Flat Lands All Over
When Man Starts To Encroach...Trees Were Helplessly Flattened
Milk Shake Vendor
The Amazon River Is Still Visible From High Altitude
Vast Green Forest
Some Signs That man Invaded This Part Of The River
Different Shades Of Green
Giant Statue
A Compact Green Forest And A Snaking Creamy Colored River
Man's Nature Is To Destroy Natural Beauty
A Massive Curve
Barges And Boats
Enemies Of The Forest
Local Grocery Store
Creamy Colored River
Green Clearer Water Of The River
Farm Lots Near The River
We Do Not Only Disrupt Rivers, We Also Cut Trees
Local Convenient Store

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