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Spartan Dwelling
Safe In His Mother's Arm
North American
Aerial View of the trees
Isolated Community
Scattered Clouds
A Young Mother Preparing Food
Getting Ready To Fly
Muddy Tire Of Plane
Lush Forest
Blue Roof Tops
All Meter Readings Are Okay
Modern Bags In The Middle Of Nowhere
Can We All Fit?
Armed Guard
Very Green Forest With Abundant Water From The Amazon River
In The Midst Of The Forest
A Plane's Vital Signs
Farm Land Ready For Tilling
Load The Cargoes Except The Dog
Airplane Cockpit
River Snaking Along A Community of Dwellers
As If God Was Just Playing Around When He Made This Stretch Of The River
Airspeed Reading
Visiting A Rural Community
Airplane Stand
Bienvenidos Archway
Magnificent Artwork Of Nature
Water Ran Its Natural Course
Altitude Reading

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