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Light Bulb Hanging From the Roof
Stainless Steel Kitchen Machine
Fruits of Different Kind
Cucumber Being Sold
Laundry Basket made out of Cloth
El Pacifico Inn Entrance
Toque El Timbre Sign
Unique Stainless Steel Pot
Sweet Potato for Sale
Pink Vegetables
Brick Wall on the Making
Room for Rent on Local Dialects
Toque El Timbre Sign on the Bus
Weighting Scale for the Food Ingredients
Ripe Yellow Banana
Green Peppers from Two Different Families
Hotel Building Almost Finished
Room for Rent on the Gate
Cook Taking a Break at the Kitchen
Onion Bulb and Leaves
Big Yellow Papaya
Grocery Items Sold Outside the Store
Pool of the Beach Hotel
El Pacifico Inn Closer View
Kitchen Utensil for Mass Production
Vegetables of Different Type Being Sold
Papaya and Over Ripe Bananas
Grocery Can and Bottled Items
Girl Read Her Text Message
Internet Cafe Sign on the Signwalk

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