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Romantic beachfront dining
When coconuts is the king of the land
Sky cable for tv
Healthy mango tree
Temporary shelter
Children are also Selling Bread
Sandy Perfect retreat
Coastal community
Unripe mangoes
Ambulant boy vendor
Just a perfect vantage point
Smiling Children at Work
Picture perfect sunset view
Cemetery near the local beach
Green carabao mangoes
Barefooted boy ambulant vendor
Runway in an island
Two Boys and a Girl Selling Bread
Coco loco coconuts trees
Rugged path
Bunch of ripe green mangoes
Temporary fence
Volkswagen and electric meter
Land Almost Separated by Water
Overlooking the vast coconut lands
Rugged walkway
Unblemished export quality mangoes
Single bread
Children Carrying Bread on Their Heads
Dry Mountain Over Looking the Sea

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