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Yummy pan de sal
Dried creek with garbage
Solitude is what she is looking for
Lovely display with a natural photo backdrop
Orange sunset beautifully silhouetting beachers
Bottomless water fountain station
Road side fruit seller
Stray pig in the garbage dump
Early morning beach walkers
Taking pictures for wedding album
Secured when mom is around
Improvised motorboat
Kfreeze brain freeze machine
Stray pigs looking for food
I am one with you nature
My wedding dress is soiled
Local mineral water refilling station
Make-do shrek
Classic beetle car gassing up
Stray hogs
Multi functional  cottages
Man worshipping as the setting sun
Refilling potable water
Vayma beach resort
Huge blue archway for a building
When commercialization encroaches the territories of the animal kingdom
Trying a pose for the cameraman
Watching the beautiful sunset
Electropura Mineral Water
Alcoholicos anonimos AA sign

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