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Owner Pointing at the Medicines
Glucose in a Can
Such a Comfortable Place to Sleep
Dark Red Soil
Two Layered Griller
Enjoying My Handmade Toy
Daquinex Stacked on Top of Each Other
Rusty and Old Gate
Improvised Water Tubing
Goats Parked along the Stalls
Improvised Water Tank
What You Can Do With Plastic And Clips
Levaworm Levamisola Syrup
Black and White Bird
Round Huts
Green Leafy Vegetations
Water Tank Made From Metal Barrel
Too Many Faucets In The Lavatory
Young Donkey Taking a Rest
Black and White Crow on a Post
White Bench Chairs
Farmers Tourist Lodge
Kids On A Cold Morning
Always A Boy Scout
Donkey Taking Time to Rest
Black and White Bird on Alert
White Wooden Table and Chairs
Fabricated Griller
Bye Bye Kids
Houses Entirely Made From Aluminum Sheets

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