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Woman expertly harvesting tea leaves
Golden mini car with two passengers
Brightly dressed singing local residence
Come visit my house
expertly balancing the load
Black Cow Passing Through the Laundry
Barbed wire divides us from each other
This goat hiding from the heat
To the green mountain
GI sheet roof with compacted mud walls
Herd of Goats on the Mountain
Sun Drying the Utensils is a Common Practice
Tea bushes as high as man
Farm vehicles parking
Smiling lady in yellow shirt
Grass plains
Different Colored Goats
Perfect View of the Mountains and Fields
Improvised knife sharpener machine
Hotel light blue doors
Wild animals roaming freely
Women doing their  daily routine
President Obama on a Calendar
Scattered Trees on the Mountain
Golden mini car parked
Serengeti 8
Mud house with nice flower designs
Women and children at front yard
Sun Drying the Kitchen Utensils
Chopped Wood as The Huts Wall

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