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Nyota driving school service
Rechargeable AA batteries
Pail of water for washing
Cafe pele morning coffee and local daily news paper
Shopping arcade
Roof top tiny rooms
Black mobile phone charger
Internet cafe cubicles
Army truck on a dusty road
Row of classrooms
Men in bicycle at the roadside
Bundles of broom sticks sold
Black mobile charger with universal plug adapter
Nina dairy drink on display
Notice for tenants on the wall
The equator chalet
Safari lodge and hotel
Local trader displaying his products
Blackberry phone charger working
Local type of machinery
Pitcher of clean water
Early morning hustle
Kismenti distributors sign
Belts and magazines on display
Make sure this 220volts
Washing equipment
One plastic pitcher of water
Spare batteries in a plastic bag
Single bed for a lone traveler
Laundry at the roof deck

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