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Green leaves of date trees
Smiling kid with knife and can
Isolated community with Bush Gates
Some green patches here and there
Aluminum pans and tool boxes displayed
My bag getting a good fix
Wild deer along with date trees
Dessert local houses
Vegetables has no chance of growing here
Child waving goodbye at me
Hard manual laborer
Blackberry installer cd in a bag
Two Kids tending white goats
Camel that has been domesticated
Group of Pea hen roaming freely
Brightly colored local traditional attire
Fixing my zipper with a pliers
Local boys presenting a traditional knife
It's a cloudy day
Very dry land
Birds on top date trees
Yummy baked local delicacy
YKK zipper
Simple local mill
Lone camel resting underneath a dessert tree
Local date trees and ring of bushes
Where roads has no distinction
Mosque inspired design building
YKK zipper and pliers
Holy cows

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