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Group of camels in along with the bushes
When animals have the advantage over trucks
Truck change tire
Nostalgic sundown Beauty
Local protection from invading dust and heat
Sleeping soundly despite the bumpy ride
People  travelling in unpaved road
it is grassland as far as your eyes can see
Convenient stationed vulcanizing shop on the road side
Hide from the dust
Natural home for dessert animals
There are men in uniform
Two Mud houses in the grassland
Trucks navigating very muddy road
Group camels in the amazing dessert
Face mask to cover from dust
Wild deer's natural habitat
It's a long way ahead
Improvised tent standing in red soils
Waiting on the roadside for our ride to arrive
Taking pictures atop truck
Beautiful silhouette of the trees
Maze of dried and cut branches
Do please stop your car
Convoy of trucks along the muddy road
Better to travel on foot
Mound without inhabitants
Beautiful orange sun rays
Alot of men on the truck
Dessert dry date trees

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