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Silver grey beach front
Local park vendor
Subtly confronting nature
Prefering the topmost corner room
Semblance of a fortress
Intimate indoor garden
Foot prints and tire prints on the beach
Spanish inspired plaza
Somebody did not throw his garbage properly
These power boats need rest too
Very cute ornaments
Female Ceramics and indoor plants enthusiast
Andy Graham's bar and discotique
Flavor  of the road ice cream
Dwarf coconut trees lining the sandy beach front
Very shallow stretch of water
House that has an avocado green fence
Relaxing at the deck
Wide stretch of beach
Festive bunting decoration in plaza
Family get together at the nice beach
The connecting river tunnel
Apartment for rent signage
Unclear water
Banana boat riding in a boat
Gogsy ice cream service
Back packers haven
Just lazy afternoon at the plaza
Sun bathing at the roof deck
Supply store of cowboys

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