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Shiny red car
Rows of Palm oil plantation
Electric post with the palm oil plantation
My own office space
Yellow house with landscaped frontyard
Simple travelers refuge
Walking to my ride
Radio taxis
Well planted palm trees
Security in this residence is very tight
Hip biker
Clean bathroom
Truck full of palm harvest
Smiling driver of radio taxis
Assorted electronic gadgets keeping me connected to the world
yellow house with grilled windows
Clean room to retire to at the end of the day
Extended roof deck
Ready for palm oil miller
Crucifix and Driver's ID
Samsung mobile phone
Dangerous high voltage
Bare bedroom with thee beds
This angle made this hostel looked like we are behind bars
Time to go to the palm oil mill
Vast palm oil plantation
Virtual office of a traveler
Pacific alarm system sign
Utility clothes shelves
The rusty padlock that allowed us a sense of security

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