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Open Brown Gate for the Kids
Fixing a Broken Down Vehicle
Truck Converted to a Public Vehicle
United Nation Blue Gate
Wacky Class Picture
Young Mother with Her Son
Bard Wire on Top of the Gate
Del Valle Orange Juice
Huge Truck Stop Sign
Community Picking Through the Garbage
Kids Getting Restless
Steel Gate Meant to Protect
Big Construction Machine on the Side Walk
US Quality Rice of Sack
Stack of Rice at a Bus Stop
Classes for all Different Ages
Kids Will Always Be Kids
Andy Graham with a Kid Wearing a Colored Dress
Bunch of French Toast for Sale
UN Patrol Service Vehicle
Creek Crowed with People
Combos Cheddar Cheese Flavor
Grown Ups with the Kids
Andy Graham with an African Kid
Local Supermart Store
Full Pack Truck
Garbage Beside the Creek
Kids Class Picture
One Big Class Picture
Andy Graham Getting Connected with This Kid

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