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Make Do Sailboat
We Are Bind At The Waist
Its Mid Day and I Have Not Catch Anything Yet
Steel Fabricators Doing Their Thing
No Complains and Untiring
Yellow Green Truck
Row Row Row The Boat
Are There Fishes Yet
Yellow Fire Hydrant
This Only Need A Few Paint Strokes And It's Good To Go
Someone's Garbage Is Another Person's Treasure
Vegetable Retailers
Calm Blue Sea
Slum Dwellings by The Coastline
Is This Functional?
Water Tank
Roadside Vendors
Ambulant Rice Retailer
The Trade Of Fishermen
Rusted Roof and Rusted Walls
Where Broken Pieces Are Not Hopeless Case
Concrete Water Tank
It's Market Day!
Boys And Men
By The Dock
When Nature Forces Us to Stay Put and Sit Down
Roadside Shelves
Looking For Good Stuff In the Garbage
The Children Played Around While Adults Are Serious With Their Lives
Standing During The Ride Home

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