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Friends Laughing and Joking in Video City Hotel Mampong
The Top of a Radio Antenna
Carrots in Mampong
I purchased two seats for Comfort in Ghana
Black and White
Mating Ritual or How to meet girls by Shaking Hands
Banku in Mampong
My Friends the Carrot People
House of Power Ministries International
Traffic in Market
Brave Boy in Kumasi Bus Station
Pay for Water Spicket in Mampong, 10 Peso per Water Container
Banku a Typical Ghana Food
Young Ghana Girl that is Happy
Price of Gasoline in Ghana December 2010
Kumasi to Takoradi Sign on Tro Tro in Kumasi Station
Ghana Boy is not Afraid of Adults
Travel Rug used to Absorb Water from Leak in Sink Drain
Smart Girl in Mampong, I think here name ia Dorothy
Carrots are Still a New Food more or Less in Africa
Ghana Boy with Sunglasses
Vans to Takoradi from Kumasi Bus Station
Mother of Ghana Boy Sleeping on Bench in Kumasi Station
Radio Antenna in Mampong
Obama Rice in Mampong
I purchased two seats on trip from Mampong to Kumasi in Tro Tro
Small Boy

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