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Funeral Hearst
Grilled Two Egg Sandwich in Ho
Graphics and Time a Funny English Name
Market with Unusually Wide Walk Way
Bullhorn Market is Annoying
This Ghana Girls name is Perpetual
Worried if they Charger will destroy a battery
Toasted Egg Sandwich in Ho
Stuffing Curtains into Louvered Window to Hold Open
Ginger Drink 10 Pesos
Ghana Girl Selling Charcoal in Ho
A way to wash hands, maybe they need it because of Fufu in Ho
Universal Chargers for Cell Phones work outside the Phone
I Need my Protein, Eggs is a good source
Correct Change for Collective Taxis in Ho
Small Toilet Paper so they Save Money and you run out early
Sun Hats are Extra Large
Africa is good at Making Furniture
Church Tamborine, this make a rattle noise
MTN Tigo and Vodofone Advertising
Wide Aisles in Ho Market
Volta Frigo Drinking Water in Ho
Prepaid Units Vending Station Ho Electricity
Egg Sandwich Restaurant at Station in Ho
Graphics and Time or Peanuts and Popcorn
Ho Market is Comfortable for Tourist
Wide and Clean Market in Ho
Stuffed Animals Cost One Cedi in Ho
Ghana Furniture Factory

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