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Muddy river because of the rain
House on the move
Mampong Waterfalls
Bananas on Tro Tro
Drinking water in Large Bag which hold 30 Sachets
The Window of typical Hotel Room
Paulgee films gay pastor sign
Ambulant vendor at public market area
Hindu Monastery of Africa
Obama Rice
One Cedi or about 75 cents USD for Water 2011
Colorful blanket of umbrellas used
Waterfalls Guide in Mampong
Market in Mampong on Wednesday
Mampong is Carrot Capital of Ghana
Egg Sandwich with Sweet T-Bread
Van terminal at public market
School Children Uniforms
Photo Request in Kumasi Market
Carrying Sachets of Water 30 per Large Bag
Water bearer
Waterfalls in Mampong
Railway Track in Kumasi Market
Carrying Water on Head

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