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Local Bag Seller
Kid Selling Hay Straws
Grandmother Carrying Thing on her Back
Saypres Hotel Translation
Iced Fruit Juice
Closer Look at a herbal Plant
Closer look at Bags Sold
Hay Straw Pot
Improvised Child's Toy
Improvised Barbecue Stove
Local mixed Fruit Shake
Kaaffee Ruuti Internet Cafe
Market Chilly Vendor
Straw and wood Pots
Happy Playing with Toys
Wood and Charcoal Stove
Preparing the Fruit Drink
Case of Pepsi Soft Drinks
Dried Chilly Vendor
Clay Pot Cover
Closer look of a toy
Burning Charcoal and Wood
Showing a Herbal Plant
Mirinda Soft Drink
Teenage Male Student
Side Street Stores
Obama Picture with Oprah
Store Sales Lady
Eating a herbal Plant
Local Translation of Mirinda

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