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Native dried Pea
Matured Male Goat
Far Away Look
Old Tracker Machine
Street Cooking Doughnuts
Middle Aged Worker
Mother preparing the dried Pea
Matured Cow
Wall made out of Mud
Construction Machine
Hotel Bedroom Window
Junk Construction Machine
Dried Peas for Food
Close Look at Seashells
Closer look of the Mud Wall
Farm Plowing Horse
Big Door Locks
Sharpening and Equipment
Closer look of Dried Peas
Well Used Weighting Scale
Wood to Hold the Mud Wall together
Skinny Working Horse
Improvised Door Lock
Local Crafts Man
Heavy Padlock Door
Pretty lady talking on her Cellphone
Improvised way of Carrying things
Daema Hotel Sign
Young Couple Posing
Stacks of Sacks

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