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Improvised Orange Motorcycle
Miranda Statue
Square Stone found in the Sea
Vintage Purple Car
Historical Bell Tower
Floridita Restaurant and Bar
Cannons  on a Stone Wall
Across the Water view of the Light House
Perfect View of La Cabaña Castle Light House
The Tank the Fidel Used
Blue side Motor
Working Blue Vintage Truck
Cannons on La Cabaña Castle
La Cabaña Castle Light House
Wiser View of La Cabaña Castle
Fidel Castro's Tank
Green Vintage Car
Shiny Red Vintage Car
Secured and Locked Cannons
La Cabaña Castle Parking Area
Vintage Corner Building
Monument Of A War Tank
Two Shaded Vintage Car
Brick Stone Street
View of La Cabaña Castle
Splashing Waves at the Board Walk
Entrance to the Corner Building
Stone Castle
Floridita Corner Store
Lady Tourist Enjoying Their Work

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