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Ghana Couple Selling Herbal Medicines
Crabs for Sale
Public Potable Water Pipe Installed Quartier France Grand Bassam
Obama Girl Holding Crouch
Top Pain
Irma Ecole Internationale Grand Bassam
Girl from Quartier France Grand Bassam
Beignet or Gallet in School Homework
Trash Pulled to Dump Area Grand Bassam
Obama Girl Shirt Grand Bassam Market
Pain or Bread Shop Grand Bassam
Cafeteria Restaurant
Church Door that is Cell
Garbage Dump
United Nations Checking Public Water Quartier France
Market Entrance Grand Bassam
Sandwich de Oeuf
Laundry Drying in Sun
Landscaping Plants Cote d'Ivoire
Trash Hauled to Dump in Morning
Flooded Street in Grand Bassam Rainy Season
Irma International School Grand Bassam
Drying Clothes on Sand
Landscaping Plants
Sled for Trash
Ivory Coast Flag and American in Taxi
Black Girl at Market
Ecole Internationale Irma Grand Bassam
Palm Trees Sand and Beach

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