List of Homemade Ways to Have a Camera Tripod in Your Hotel Room for Travel Photos

I often want a camera tripod to make travel videos however, it is not possible to carry one because of size and weight in my backpack.

Travel Camera Tri-Pod

I have made 297 "Travel Videos" and published on

And, if I had a person to hold the camera, I would make from 1-3 videos per day, using myself as the interviewer.

I need to give up on finding a camera person.

In my opinion, the best videos are when I introduce the video, set it up, explain what is going to happen, then walk the viewers through the video. This is rather easy to accomplish when there is a person who can hold a camera steady, then will hand the camera to me without talking or making a fuss.

I must accept, that finding a person to hold the camera is close to impossible, generally they cannot see, talk too much, get too nervous, there are so many problems it is daunting. I must give up on the idea of using humans, and move on to camera tri-pods.

The HUGE Problem with Camera Tri-Pods

1. Big

2. Problem Two - Big

3. Problem Three - Big

Camera Tri-Pod Description:

59" folds to 20 inches

Shipping Weight: 3.1 pounds

 "3.1 Pounds" is HUGE

List of things to use as a camera stand or tri-pod in a Hotel Room.

1. Plastic Chair

2. Refridgerator

3. Television

4. Window ledge

5. Table


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