Photography Blog - Portal by Andy Graham a perpetual travel who explains how to take travel photos.

There are many problems encountered by travelers of the world, this Photography Portal is devoted to explaining photography from the perspective of a perpetual traveler. I will explain what is feasible, and what is possible, trying to explain you cannot just walk into a city in South America with a large camera dangling from your neck.

What is unique about this Photography Blog is I will not be trying to sell you a camera.

Light Diffusers
- White plastic bag
- White shower cap 

Battery Management for Camera using Coin Bags to Hold the AA Batteries Photography Tip

Watch a video explaining how to use coin bags to hold your AA batteries for your camera, a photography travel tip.

Cutting A Better Photo Out Of A Large Photo With Graphics Program In Ghana

An example of how I zoomed in on the face of Ghana women using a graphics program by the name of and create a more powerful photo.

Disposable Poncho Protects Camera

Explanation how a Disposable Poncho protects my camera inside my daybag.

How To Make A Tripod For Video Camera Interview For 3 Dollars Anywhere On Travelers Planet - Photography

Photography - Making a homemade camera tripod out of materials you can buy in any country on the planet.

List of Homemade Ways to Have a Camera Tripod in Your Hotel Room for Travel Photos

I often want a camera tripod to make travel videos however, it is not possible to carry one because of size and weight in my backpack.

My Ramblings About Taking Profile Photos

Everyone wants a profile photo. This is me rambling about how to find a photographer, Where to take photos ... and do I really need profile photos?


Photography Blog - Portal by Andy Graham a perpetual travel who explains how to take travel photos.

Selling Photos on Internet

How do we sell photos on the internet? Are their sites where photographers can make serious money?

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips a Video with Rick Sammon

Rick Sammon's,video a professional photographer showing the top 10 ways to take the best photos.

Travel Photography


Collection of information about camera tripods, what you need to know about tripods as a world traveler.

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