Cutting A Better Photo Out Of A Large Photo With Graphics Program In Ghana

An example of how I zoomed in on the face of Ghana women using a graphics program by the name of and create a more powerful photo.

The better the camera, the denser the pixels and the size will allow you to cut photos out and not need to be a good photographer.

I took this photo at a 3648 x 2736 size, I then reduced to 640 by 480 to put on an internet page with DCE Autoenhance 2.1.

640 x 480

I wanted to focus on the woman face, this photo is 640 x 480, but I have the original 3648 x 2736 this is now for sale on

Ghana Photos

Cut and Paste Photos

This photo is showing the Ghana vendors face better, while still framing in the context of being inside a van or Tro Tro in Ghana.



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