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Toothpaste - a Little or a Lot Works the Same

It took me 15 year of travel to realize the truth about toothpaste. If I keep traveling the planet, other truths will be revealed. LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

I offer that as a universal test of travel; boredom, called by any other name, is why you yearn for the first available transport out. – Martha Gellhorn (1908 - 1998)

Colgate Toothpaste

God grants writers the gift of discernment, and that results in faith to leave everything known behind. Granted a reprieve, the grace, the burden of work is forgiven, and social customs, the basic rules of culture,s magically appear irrelevant, and we bound out to search for our mutual, shared meaning of life. Even though, at first glance, we travel autonomously, each on a separate mission, somehow the goal is to collide, collude, combine and create, trying to make the trip from discontentment to contentment.

All reach the end of the path because all journeys must end; there is no way to avoid the last goodbye. Yet, before we die, we all come together in the end. Yes, this is insanity! Hemingway is proof of concept.

To search for genius is dangerous travel, by far the most perilous journey known to man. And for ages, the elders have warned sons and daughters: When you reach the edge of the planet, please take care to remember, there be dragons. Only a leap of faith leads one to believe there is an edge of the planet, with dragons, and I do believe in dragons, because the dragons believe in me.

The mission of writing is to relieve your boredom, and the mission of boredom is to keep you from traveling; "comme ci, comme ça." ... Walking away now...

Oh, and remember how little toothpaste is needed to brush our teeth!

Thu, 8 Aug 2013 15:18:26

Toothpaste A Little, or a Lot Works The Same

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