Hand Sanitizers are Bad for Your Health Just Say No

Hand Sanitizers are bad for your health, "Just Say No" Truly this type of :Personal Hygiene" product is for people who have lost the plot.

Hand Sanitizers


There are people in life that have "Lost the Plot."

If I see this type of thing hanging on your belt loop, my first thought is,
"You have lost the plot."

I lose almost all respect for your opinion on any matter, "Period." Everything that comes out of your mouth would feel to be coming from the mind of  child.

"Man up."

Dysfunctional behavior on Steroids!

But, if you want truly understand this, maybe reading an article in Scientific American would maybe help:

Eating off the Floor


Ok, I agree with you totally when it comes to "real life" but if you are a doctor or nurse, we are required to hand wash (in America) between patients and the hand sanitizers are not a drying and damaging to skin. I use them at work, NEVER in "real life"


In 1847, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss, working in a Vienna hospital, discovered that infections were spread among patients by doctors who didn't wash their hands between examinations. Fast forward and today health personnel are running around using disinfectants instead of hand washing.

Why? Follow the money! Some scientist writes a paper that xyz "could" be effective in destroying bacteria. And low and behold some "salesman" at a pharmaceutical company decides let's play on the populations paranoia about germs, and create the new improved anti-xyz. (After all, you can't patent "soap")

Then the worthless/lazy news media picks up the story and spreads it as the cure all to saving humans from dreaded xyz. And soon every commercial enterprise is adding and/or improving on anti-xyz. Who the F' cares if it's effective as long as it makes $$$$.

So called hand disinfectants are like the corner convenience store - use it and you'll pay a higher price for your laziness.

I took an informal poll once in hospitals with hospital personnel. "Why do you use gloves and or/ hand "sanitizers"? The majority of them said, "To protect ME from catching a disease." Fair enough, and when I asked what about protecting the patients from each others diseases? Their answer was usually just an after thought - "Oh, yeah, that too."

When I asked why they used the hand sanitizer instead of hand washing - "Handwashing takes too long, and the hand sanitizer is more effective." When I pointed out that the hand sanitizer was meant to be used along with hand washing as it didn't kill all bacteria especially pathogens their answer was - "I never knew that."

One so called head nurse argued with me that the hand sanitizer was OK to wipe her gloves clean of blood in-between patients. I suggested to her that the net time she goes in for surgery to tell the surgeon that s/he can just wipe their gloves/instruments with hand sanitizer instead of using sterilized equipment.

And speaking of sterilizing - so many health care personnel misuse the word sterilize with disinfect. Sterilizing is the complete destruction of all living organisms. Disinfecting kills a "few" organisms, but not the toxic pathogens.


Always wash hands when you are able but when you are on a bus or touching a door nob on your way to a meeting or using a shopping cart or basket while grocery shopping it's always good to use hand sanitizer!


The USA has become afraid to live, there are billions of bacteria everywhere. The chemicals of the sanitizer are more dangerous than the bacteria. Our mouth alone, has some 3 billion bacteria, bacteria is a minor problem compare to chemicals.


I agree, and I know that the more we try to cut out bacteria the more vulnerable we can become to it, but most people in the US are trying to avoid getting sick or having their kids get sick so they will kill germs any chance they get and you know not everyone researches things. Still, If a person is prone to get sick easily or often, then it's better he protect himself more. Personally I think they should have hand sanitizer on the bus as I have seen people pick their nose and grab the bar handles and there are some real dirty people they let on the bus, it makes me want to rub sanitizer all over me or spray them with it lolz. Good news though.... I recently read how to make homemade sanitizers with herbal oils. Sorry for going on and on. Hehe



Using them is like putting a condom over a loaded gun. The sanitizer is the condom, the gun the surface of your hand, the bullets the pathogens. Pull the trigger and see how safe you are from the pathogens.

Pathogens are kept in check on your skin by the good bacteria - sanitizers destroy the good bacteria and allow the pathogens to grow unchecked. Pathogens love it when you wipe out the good bacteria.

We as a species have survived as long as we have from pathogens due to our bodies being able to care for itself. When patients began demanding antibiotics for viruses such as colds, and doctors being too stupid to say no the bacteria learned to change its DNA to not be affected by the antibiotics. Now we have diseases that no longer can be controlled by antibiotics.

Hand sanitizers are doing the same thing - the harmful bacteria learns to change it's DNA and are no longer affected. Ergo, you and everyone else so panic stricken by the normal everyday events of life are aiding the 'enemy' to our bodies defenses.

Those of us who do not jump to sanitizing our world will eventually be unable to fight off real diseases to our bodies because people who over use antibiotics, and sanitizers have aided and abetted the 'enemy'.

Children and elderly people are dying daily because antibiotics that use to kill the pathogens no longer work.

The SUPERBUGS now are killing us thanks to all of you with your irrational fears and superstitions about bacteria.

It's not a laughing matter.


I get your point about most hand sanitizer having chemicals and i already know that we shouldn't be trying to rid everything of bacteria. Those superbugs are created and being spread for population control, so antibiotics will make no difference. Your world is small if what you're worried about is dying from others over use of antibiotics and hand sanitizer. All the priuses, antibiotics, ban on plastic bags, etc isn't going to fix the ozone, save earth, or protect us. A little too late. Everything being dished out to people has some kind of chemical with exception to the ones who stick to making and keeping things natural, for now until monsato pushes their way into every last seed, just ask Norway. Anyway my point is that not many people are going to listen to someone who is shouting at them that they are being irrational about bacteria or that they're killing off everyone by using hand sanitizer and antibiotics when media tells them otherwise. I'm sure you've heard how it's more profitable for them to keep people sick than to cure them. Many do see the big picture of what's really going on in this world and though it's no laughing matter, many will laugh to the end, as will i. It's better to die laughing than to die arguing anyway.


Elaine said - "Your world is small if what you're worried about is dying from others over use of antibiotics and hand sanitizer." LOL
My world is indeed small. When I travel I live within the country. Right now I am in a very small rural area of the Philippines. I am surrounded by rat shit, cow shit, horse shit, water buffalo shit and human shit. The people here are the healthiest I've known. The place thrives with people in their 100s. My wife's grandmother is 70 years old and runs her small farm, planting sugar cane, pineapples, vegetables, raises pigs, chickens, cuts her own firewood, sleeps on a wooden bed covered with a thin blanket. Her thatched hut is open to insects, and all the above mentioned shit. She runs and plays like a 19 year old. I love her laugh and sense of humor. And she is not the exception. This place crawls with babies, and kids off all ages. Most struggle to have 3 meals a day, and are still happy. And everyone is healthy.

They do not use anything but water for the most part to clean themselves and soap if they have it. I ride muti-cabs in which someone has sneezed or held the same bar I am holding whose hands were covered in dirt and probably some kind of shit. I eat in restaurants and homes where the food has sat out for hours or days without steam heating or refrigeration. I shake hands with these people. I hug them and kiss them and share their food, and I've not been sick. The only time I got food poisoning was at Jolly Bees a franchised restaurant like McDonald's. My wife knew to feed me fluids, spent two nights with very little sleep keeping my fever down by wiping me down with cold compresses, no antibiotics, no medications - she has no medical training.

My wife had a child at 20, four years ago, and had it at home in a cement block 'house' open to insects, rats, dirt floor etc. Her and a local midwife. A local woman has two children both are constantly ill - why? because the moment one of the kids has the slightest fever she rushes the kid to the hospital 30 miles away and they give her antibiotics. She stole a bottle of hand sanitizer from the hospital that she uses to wipe the kids down. Now she want me to send for more from the states to 'protect' her kids. I told her no and why and now she thinks I am the bad guy.

Go outside the rural areas to the big cities where the Americans and other Whites live and you run into all the irrational people with their irrational fears being sold the latest and the greatest in protecting yourself and your children. You speak of keeping things natural - this is where it is natural - all natural. Not contrived overpriced latest and greatest 'natural and organic bullshit. Rat shit, cow shit, horse shit, water buffalo shit and human shit are all natural here. The people here all tell me they want to go to America so they can live better. The women hunt for blue eyed men cause they are all rich. LOL I tell them stay here where you're healthy and happy. But the TV and adverts tell them otherwise.

So my world is very small and I like it. And I laugh a lot with my wife and her daughter and all the children and adults around here. I am not worried about dying from the overuse of antibiotics and sanitizers. I am worried about my friends and children and grandchildren who still live in the 'real world' being killed off. I've told them and it's up to them to do what they want. My advice goes unheeded because my oldest son's mother was a nurse and she knows 'better'. My second wife, a Brit, sees germs in and on everything and attempts to 'sanitize' her life and the lives of our two children.

My skin crawls every time I hear about another 'conspiracy' theory without any proof, or that this big company is out to take over the world. And yes some of it is true like evil Monsanto terminator seeds. I see what Nestle does here with their powdered milk for kids. How the Americans have stopped using hydrogenated oils in America because of health problems and here the very same American products without them have them here. I am well versed on all of it. But you know what? I don't care. They want to destroy the world so be it - in doing so they destroy themselves. If you step outside the SAVE THE PLANET bullshit you'll see it's a profit making business - nothing wrong with the Earth she's doing fine and doing what she needs to do. As she has been doing for millions of years. Good example is SAVE THE TREES - there are now on this planet more trees then there ever has been http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/wilderness-resources/stories/more-trees-than-there-were-100-years-ago-its-true

Or maybe you want to SAVE SOMETHING ELSE - I often wonder would people want to save the dinosaurs from extinction?

You stated: "Those superbugs are created and being spread for population control . . ." The only source I could find that states this a nut case website http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwopopcontrol.shtml And it states that vaccines will help kill off people - yet the UK doctor that started this bullshit has been found to have made it all up for profit! http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2011-01/british-doctor-faked-data-linking-vaccines-autism-and-hoped-profit-it
And if these Superbugs are a means of population control it would logically follow the Superbugs would kill those who invented them and their children as well as us.

The answer for me was to get the hell out of Dodge and live my life the best way I can. I can't save the world, and I don't want to even attempt it. However, I can attempt to enlighten others and if they chose to not listen then I have done what I could. And I don't want to waste my time worrying about things I cannot control. So I leave that to others that have nothing better to do - don't want to take away their only pleasure in life.

I have advised many to just leave the good old USA/UK and go where they can live happily and healthy. But they all have excuses as to why they can't - so be it. There is a joke I've heard several times in my travels: How do you tell a good (American) (Brit)? Answer: They don't live in (America) (England). Many do see the big picture and what America is doing to the world for it's own selfishness and they are leaving the USA and the UK in 100s each year - renouncing their citizenships to live in other countries. America and the UK in my travels are big jokes to the rest of the world. I say, "You don't like what you see? Get the F**k out! " Back at the time of the Vietnam war rednecks put up billboards that read, "America love it or leave it." Didn't think so then, but I do now - Great Advice!.

Many years ago after I got out of the military I saw what was happening to the America I grew up in (I am 68) and I protested every chance I got. The bad guys 20-30 years later admitted Vietnam was wrong. Nothing has changed except of the faces and names. Anyone that stays where it's all falling apart is, IMO, stupid. You are either part of the solution or you're part of the problem. America is not the Land of Milk and Honey.

Your government gives you little emotional victories with little laws to keep you from seeing the big picture. So now people have seen the big picture and they still stay and whinge and whine. Where can you go if you want to leave? Look on any search engine - many places have happy open arms for Americans/Brits that are fed with it all and won't take it anymore. You can go teach English in China and other countries and live well. Don't need a degree in English just be a native speaker. Plenty of jobs available for Americans/Brits in the other parts of the world. No you won't make 100k a year but you will be able to live happy and healthy.

My wife and I will be spending our laughter having a good time traveling with great people who don't care to see the big ugly picture of the American/UK world and want to paint our own picture. And when we die it will be with a smile on our faces surrounded by those like us - happy and healthy and not worried about the problem du jour.


Don't worry. Be happy.


Ever here the conspiracy theory about "there are now on this planet more trees then there ever has been"? For facts they use a report about the US having more trees now than 100 years ago. Does this mean the planet is 100 years old and the US has taken over the world? (note - this is for humor purposes only - lol)


'Scriptwriter', You chose to "get the hell out of dodge", some would say that was out of irrational fear, and some wouldn't. It all boils down to the person's own passions and goals. You hear news of something that gets you thinking and you research it and then take a stand and spread the word about it in hopes of making a good difference. Whether it's about health issues, animals, children, elderly, forest, ocean, war, impoverished, veterans, etc. What's priority to one may not be to another. That's all it is. If your goal is to 'help' others learn about the dangers of over use in antibiotics, sanitizers, etc, then use tact, cause advice doesn't work when you're simply getting out your anger, and calling people irrational for wanting to get rid of germs, remember majority have never researched about all this stuff, so educate and use tact if you really want your msg to get across. By the way, it's always nice to hear that someone is happy because happiness is contagious 'no pun intended'. hehe.... 'Lawrence14', I have always loved that saying... "Don't worry - be Happy" :)

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