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When Stopping Perpetual Travel Become Illogical

When I stop moving, I gain weight, less exercise, fewer friends, and the cost of living is 5-100 times higher, it feels illogical to stop traveling.

Tue, 10 Feb 2015 04:37:27


"Everyone my own age is older than me."

 Although, I have traveled nonstop for over 16 years, and this March it will be 17 years, it would be too painful, for me, to stay in one location longer than three months.  

After a month, a sense of impending doom starts to occupy my brain. Maybe, it’s instinctual, or maybe culturally, but, the bottom line is I feel guilty. I feel guilty that I do not want to live in one location. I feel guilty that I’ve let my tribe down.  

There is a thought behind my brain, that my friends will shun me, ostracise me, and never speak with me again. 

This is 70-80 percent true. Most of my long-term friends speak with me only after I’ve returned to the tribe; i.e., when I return home to visit. They do not call or write me when I am traveling. Which can be a dilemma.  

I need to call somewhere my Home, although, Indiana is not my home. I am truly one of the homeless, a nomad on the planet. 

Some ding-a-ling website owners do call themselves nomads. If you study them you’ll see that they are not being truthful. They just want to drop the word, nomad, to make themselves seem romantic. 

Most people do not love a nomad. They love people who obey the rules of the tribe and stay in one place, and protect the group’s values. To these people leaving is not loving the tribe, it is abandoning the post; it is desertion. I suspect this could be the future of mankind. 

There is something Darwinian about moving. Finding the new, and discovering something better is adapting, changing, evolving. We must explore as a society, or we become stagnant. 

As for me when I travel: I lose weight. I get more exercise. I meet more people, and have friendlier conversations. I feel energized, vibrant, and alive.

Strange as it seems living as a constant traveler is 5-100 times cheaper than living in one places. Why? Simple, I do not buy things, stuff, objects, luxury. I have nowhere to store them. There is no hoarding. I buy what is needed, and not what is wanted. 

Bonus Points: I avoid expensive winters in the USA. 

I have concluded, for me, that it would be illogical to stop my nonstop traveling. For me it would be an unhealthy, unhappy way to live.

Thanks for allowing me to talk. I know my tribe does not approve. But then I remember, “Everyone my own age is older than me.”

Andy Lee Graham

Human are illogical, but sort of lovable little monkeys.