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The Never Ending Search For a Travelers Rest Stop

It is tiresome -- The Never Ending Search For a Travelers Rest Stop - Perpetual Traveler

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 04:16:24

The Never-Ending Search for a Travelers Rest-Stop

I am a perpetual travel, and I have been doing this almost 15 years, the continuous search is tiresome. On average, it takes me roughly 5-10 days to land in a Hotel that is comfortable, affordable, and pleasant both inside and outside.


Maybe this is travelers purgatory, I am not in Hell and I am not in Heaven, it the 5-10 days of small confusion, and lack of clarity. This is why returning to the same location is tempting, normally; I already have a good idea where a good traveler’s rest-stop is located.

99 percent of well-intended readers, friends, and tourist suggest unsustainable solutions. “Andy, this hotel is good; it is on the beach, has air conditioning, etc.”

99 percent of the people evade, gloss over, or just are ignorant of the cost factor, because they are not perceptual travelers.

Less than 1 percent of people can afford to live in a room for 100 dollars per night for 365 days per years, and 99 percent of people recommend this type of Hotel. Often, I will ask, “Did you pay that?” They reply, “No, I staid with a friend.”

Travelers know, that second hand opinions are close to worthless, and review of Hotel are gamed, noting is true. But, if I can talk to a person that stay in a 300-600 per month room, I can quiz them, to see if there is any merit, even the 99 percent know something, but are not aware what they know, they often have the essential information to a great Traveler’s Rest-Stop, but tell me all the wrong information.

Well, unfortunately, I accidentally came to Ivory Coast at the worst time of year, it is too hot, and the great Traveler’s Rest-Stop at the Las Palmas Hotel in Grand Bassam is too hot for comfortable living, I find myself hoping it rains.

10 years ago, finding great Traveler Rest-Stop Hotels was easy, there were 1000’s of people out traveling for one year, about 50 percent of the people I met were on elongated trip, now less than 2 percent are on longer trips. Yes, we have Non Governmental Organizations, and Volunteers, but they live off of other people money, only good for find a great swimming pool, or maybe where to buy books in English.

A “Traveler Rest-Stop Hotel” world wide rents for 300-500 USD per month, normally has a few long-term residents, people who rent room for months. And it is close to shopping, and generally not annoying tourist hawkers outside the room. This is because they know travelers are savvy and refuse to buy into their silly expensive schemes. It is much better for this type of person to hang around in front of the expensive hotels.

Well, I need to avoid the trolls beneath the bridge, and find safe haven, it is taking longer than usual.

Trolls beneath the bridge.