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Listing the Things We Cannot Live Without

Never travel, never wander the world freely longer than six months, or you will learn what you can live without.

Travel is the grand experiment: the journey, diving head first into our souls to discover the meaning of life, a plug-and-play epiphany. Arguably, when asked what we cannot live without, our first answer would be our wives or husbands.

What Things Do We Truly Need?

1. Food
2. Water
3. Shelter

Do not travel longer than six months because the longer, the farther you travel, you change forever. It is frightening to sit and listen to your friends complain that they need so much. Needy people are emotionally burdensome. Yet nobody should be a hermit; we need people. But travel often makes loving others an act of grace.

Andy Graham, with 15 years of continuous, perpetual travel – too far! – and keeping my mouth shut at parties. ...


". . . and keeping my mouth shut at parties. ..." This is one of the most important things we can do when it comes to finding out who may be worth communicating with anywhere.
Listening is at the top of my list as the best cure for foot in the mouth problems.

the traveling pixie

But travel often makes loving others an act of grace.

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I have to whole heartedly agree with that statement. Although, I have not been able break out and travel far and wide, yet. I find that needy people are tiresome. I live on very little and yet they want, want, want, from me. I try to explain what I am doing and I do pay my fair share, but I find that others try to manipulate me into spending. I think it is a way to hold me to a spot. Little do they realize that when I am capable I will travel on, they can either join me or stay.

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You can live without Starbucks, but few can live without other humans to accidentally meet. title=