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20 Ways to Know You Have Been a World Traveler too Long

What happens to a person who travels the world too long?

Wed, 18 Apr 2012 03:05:48


You have traveled to long when:

When you return to the USA.. this is what happens.

This is the story of traveler.

The Traveler

1. You give cars the right away.

2. You throw trash anywhere thinking there is no trash bin to be found.

3. Sitting on a toilet without a toilet seat seems natural.

4. The noses of Americans look like beaks.

5. The phone ringing confuses you.

6. You become afraid at home because it is too quiet.

7. You think in Spanish when you see a Mexican American.

8. You use the toilet paper you carry in your pocket at McDonald's, then pull a long piece off to restock your back pocket.

9. You look for a taxi meter when I get in car.

10. A girl asked you to come visit her a home, and you say, "How much?"

11. You cannot seem to remember what day it is, you keep asking what day is it?

12. You hide money in your parent house.

13. You collect change because you are think you need the correct change, when the store says, "We have no change."

14. You offer to pay a kid one dollar to wash your car.

15. Paying more than 10 USD for a Hotel room makes you angry.

16. You can't seem to buy anything that does not fit into your backpack.

17. You leave the house with 5 dollars, thinking that is enough money for dinner.

18. You get on skype to call your friends, even though the cell phone has unlimited calls for free anywhere in the USA.

19. You keep talking about countries, and everyone says,
"Where is that? And you finally give up, and you are in a foreign country where the locals are not very educated."

20. Worst, but not least, you say hello to strangers, truly believing they will say hello back.

You finally accept, you are not home.

Andy Lee Graham
14 Years of Perpetual Travel, 90 Countries

How to know you traveled too long?