Remove the Microsoft headers crap Perfect Page
Sets the background Sets the font and size for whole page.


Example One:
Copy this format, NO changes - Code

Example Two:
This page is the same but just an example with less explanations, copy this

Make the navigation with Java script so it does not get read by

Perfect Page

The first header above must be made with zero code between the h1 and /h1
Look at the source of this page

The first BOLD or maybe strong should be same "Perfect Page"

Perfect page

Well, after that a good one or few paragraphs talking about the perfect page and describing the perfect page is called for. Content is king, and a few paragraphs of comments and interesting information about the subject or title, heading and first bold will help to reinforce that the page is real. In the end typing into the computer is need and creating content in other means will lead to delays in progress.

Name the of this page is perfectpage.htm

So the header, the first bold, and the name of the page are the same!

Make the footer normal navigation or tie it to all your pages.


  • Flash is the worst possible thing you can do unless maybe you are a map site.
  • Frames are not good unless only for parts of your sites.
  • Dynamically produces pages are not found, and are only good to use to sell or after your site is already huge.
  • The first 25 word in your page are the most important word on the page
  • Title should be short as the header. Long title are no good anymore because they are lower on the search.
  • Put on another page a link that looks like this Perfect Page
    The links leading to your page define what your page is about.

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