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am Andy Lee Graham, founder of, and this is the list of people I want to visit, talk with, interview before I die. Why? The more I read about them, there more I study them, the more I respect them, they help people understand the world.

Andy Lee Graham

List of people I want to visit, before I die. Any why?
- Andy Lee Graham
World Travelers 20 plus years, 112 countries.

Greetings to a small planet.

People dream of great places to visit, I dream of people who created the great places to visit. I wish to sit, and talk with people who constructed great ideas, great places, and great accomplishments.

How to be a great person, we need to hang around with them, make their ideas, and ways of doing things part of our daily life.


Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Richard Branson,  Warren Buffet.


Donald Trump, Wiki
- Born in Queens, New York.
- Trump Tower, Wiki, Manhattan, New York States, USA

Sylvestor Stallone Wiki

Mario Puzo, Wiki

Billy Joel, Wiki


Warren Buffet, I went to his office in Omaha, Nebraska.


Jordan Peterson, Wiki


Richard Branson, Wiki


Bill Gates


Paul McCartney

Seth Godin

People that died before I had the chance to sit, and talk.

1. Henry David Theroux - I went to Walden Pond

2. Mahatma Ghandi - I want to Sawagram

3. Benjamin Franklin

4. Tesla - I went to 

5. Rene Descarte, I went to home town in France.

6. Henry Ford

7. Einstein

8. Thomas Edison, Wiki

Thank you for being patient with this page, it is hard to say organized when collecting informaiton.

Andy Lee Graham

a.k.a. Gadget on Hobo Talk Wall

Sat, 6 Oct 2018 13:24:08

A list of people I want to go visit before i die, and why?

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