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Air Quality Paradise On Planet - Paradise Defined

We cannot live without air for longer than 3-10 minutes. COPD is the number 3 cause of death on the planet according to the World Health Organization. WHO

WHO leading causes of death

I was researching water borne diseases, when I came upon a WHO: World Health Organization report on the 10 leading causes of death on the planet. FACT Sheet

Clean air is more important than clean water in my opinion.

Water is a problem, but I worry more about bad food, and how the dishes I am eating from were cleaned. I can drink clean water easily, to make sure the restaurant cleans, and dries the dishes I am eating from is out of control, the only solution is to always cook in the Hotel room. Contrary to some mystical the whole world is the same as the USA, restaurants clean dished abroad in polluted water, not the purified water we drink abroad.

I can go days with out food, water, but only 3-10 minutes without air.

This video below scares me, and I am fearless, the type of guy that visits Iraq, Haiti, and gets caught up in wars in Ivory Coast. After 107 countries, nothing scares me, tet, I had no idea my air was this dirty here in my clean, quiet room in a rather rich neighborhood of Lome, Togo. (Be-Klikame Next to University of Lome, Togo.)

While at the same time, my bug bagger accidentally discovered my air is truly polluted with fine wood charcoal debris here in Lome, Togo West Africa.  We can avoid drinking bad water, but to avoid breathing is truly a complicated process, and wearing a face mask like the Asian seems like a signal,
“Move away from here Jed.”

Maybe in the future there is an air cleaner install on every window of the house, like a window air conditioner, these devices could control the air that enters and leaves the house. Air Conditioning is often extremely unhealthy air, often recirculating the same air, and with new air tight homes, or concrete, double insulated vacuum windows, there is often almost no ingress / egress of air, all the paths are restricted, we must open the air to breath.

Where is air breathing paradise?

I sell these bug baggers on Amazon. What I do with my rooms is this, there are screens on the windows, so not many bugs, but there are many too small to see bugs, or debris in the air, and if I allow the fan to run for 3-10 days, the bug bagger slowly cleans all the air. A simple way I can carry a clean air machine, both for bugs, and as you can see charcoal soot.

This bug bagger is the alternative to spraying the room with insecticides to stop the no see ums, midges, etc.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

July 11, 2016 in Lome, Togo, Be-Klikame West Africa