Packing Rules for Travelers and Tourist



Why you need to pack quickly?

  1. So you do not miss the plane or bus when you are hungover.
  2. So you do no leave or lose things because of disorganized packing.
  3. You will go to more exotic and more destinations if you do not want to avoid packing.
  4. Just to avoid the stress of packing.


  1. A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING: A place for everything and everything in a place.
  2. DO NOT PACK ONE THING AT A TIME: You should NOT have to pack one piece at a time, or you should not need to take a shirt and pack, then your pants and pack it, and then your towel and pack it,  you should somehow be compartmentalized. Note that a backpack is probably the most inefficient and time consuming thing to pack or way of carrying your personal items.
  3.  YOU WILL CARRY TOO MUCH: I meet travelers daily that bought a small backpack so they will not carry too much, and then you see them with a plastic bag in each hand and a front pack. This is because you are traveling and buying souvenirs and such and why would you not buy things as you travel. Get a bag too big, and know you are misjudging yourself and being silly.
  4. WALKERS NEED BACKPACKS - People that walk around cities and look for really cheap rooms need backpacks. If you go straight to the room by taxi you may not need a backpack.
  5. EUROPE AND USA IS WHERE YOU NEED A BACKPACK MOST - Europe and the USA is so expensive that you cannot afford a taxi and you must walk with a backpack. In all the under 10 Dollar a day, and 1 dollar taxi countries you never need to walk and it is advisable not to walk for safety reasons.


  1. Roll up clothes
  2. Do not roll up clothes together. For example do not roll up 2 pairs of under-shorts together, you will pull out 1 and get 2. Keep separated.
  3. Pack delicate or fragile in the middle of bag and clothe and durable goods on the outside.
  4. Shake the bed covers to make sure nothing is on the bed or caught in the covers.
  5. Look under the bed.
  6. Damp clothes on top so you can remove quickly to dry.
  7. Put really heavy things in carry on when getting getting on a plane as they do not normally weigh the carry on.


  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Guidebook
  3. Toothbrush and shower supplies.
  4. Flashlights or candles.
  5. Jacket or sweatshirt.
  6. Books to read
  7. Coffee or tea or any addiction.
  8. Maps
  9. Telephone number or any directions
  10. Towel


  1. A backpack is just for that to put on your back and walk with your pack. So a backpack is for walking.


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