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What To Pack

What to Pack for Travel, this pages explains Vactions, Resorts, Backpacker, Business and all of course the Perpetual Travelers.

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 Learn what you need to pack in reference to the types of Traveler and Travel.

Types of Packing
Two Weeks or Less
1-3 Months
3 Months to Years
Perpetual Travelers
Long Term Land
Backpacker for Around the World Trips
Overland with Private Car
Sailboat Cruising
Cold Weather Packing - i.e. Nepal, China, Russia
Tropical Weather Packing
Religious - Buddhist and Islamic
Packing for Hostels Domitories

Packing by Hotel Budget
0-10 US Dollars per Day
10-25 US Dollars per Day
25-100 -US Dollars per Day
100-150 US Dollars per Day
150-200 US Dollars per Day
200-300 US Dollars per Day
300-500 US Dollars per Day
Over 500 US Dollars per Day

Special Needs
What to pack for Europe?
- Two wheel cart for Backpack, because the Taxis are too expensive, I must walk.
- Good walking shoes
What to pack for Thailand or Asia
- Slip on sandals, whereby I can slip on and off to enter shops.
What to pack for Nepal
- Warm clothes, a cold place.
What to pack for the Beach?
- Swim shorts, snorkel and fins, and large beach towel, in place of normal towel.
What to pack for India?
- Dog chain, mabye a pacsafe to hook your luggage to walls of trains.

Concepts of Interest
Getting through Airport Security Fast
Myth of Going Lite Backpacking
Should you take light colored clothes that get dirty?
TSA and how affects Global Travel
Carry-On Weights for Airplane
Design of Backpack is Best
Popular Gear of Little Value
Packing Litt versus Packing Heavy

Major Types of Travelers:
Backpacker for One Month
Backpacker for 1-12 Months
Expat moving overseas to Work
Overland 4 x 4 or Cars

Categories of Gear to Pack

  1. Essentials, Necessary for All Types of Overseas Travelers
  2. Shower
  3. Electronics
  4. Cooking
  5. Camping
  6. Medical
  7. Clothes
  8. Blankets
  9. Special, Surf, Golf, Trekking, Climbing
  10. Camera
  11. Computer
  12. Books
  13. Lights, Lanterns, Flashlights, Torches

Getting through Airport Security Fast - Note, I am always amazed, Business Travelers are not business Travelers if they cannot go through these with out making security beap, or I need to wait on them. It is not about what you pack as much as what is on your body, your clothes.
- Empty all your pockets into a pouch on the side of your carry-on bag or day bag.
- Plastic buttons on pants
- Plastic belt button
- Shoes that do not have metal on them.
- Take computer out of bag


Essentials, Necessary for All Types of Overseas Travelers
Passport - E-mail a scan to your email box and put into a folder.
Automatic teller cards. 2 types i.e. Plus, Cirrus
300 cash in USA dollars - Many borders will not accept local currrency, and you need Dollars, they are safe, not Euros.
One set of nice clothes, for expensive restaurants
Guidebook - Even if going luxury, get the either Lonely Planet, Roughguide, Footprints, the other cost you money.
Copy of Birth Certificate - E-mail a scan to your email box and put into a folder.
Copy of Passport - E-mail a scan to your email box and put into a folder.
International Student Card - Discounts on airfare, entry, etc, fake or real, they work.
Scuba Diving card. PADI
Student Identification Card
Credit Card or Debit Card Carrying Case - If you break this card, your life become crap.
Money Belt, Neck Money Pouch or Secret Pockets install in all your clothes. If you are fat, do not get a money belt.

Do not Take
Wallet or Billfold
Irreplaceable Jewelry - Family
Camel pack water bag, unless you plan on hiking or riding a bike for miles, you cannot clean.
Pacsafe - Unless you are going to India, but a dog chain will do the same.
Extras of cleaning things, shampoo, etc.

Optional Essentials, You Need to Purchase in Home Country
Zip-Lock Bags
Safety Pins
Money Belt
Money Neck Pouch

Extras, not Essential - Buy Before you Leave Home Country
Ipod, or Music Devices
Smart phones


Recommended for All Travelers
Plastic Buckle Belts to get you through the airport security fast.

Pants with Plastic Buttons to go through Airport Security
Plastic Buckles for Belt of Pants
Piggy-Back Strap
2-Wheel Cart Bag

Mosquito Repellent
Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Repellent
Mosquito Nets

Backpacker for One Month
Mosquito Repellent
Mosquito Nets

Backpacker for 1-12 Months  and People Moving Overseas to Work or Live
Mosquito Repellent
Mosquito Nets
Rectangular Bucket

Best to Have, However you Can Purchase on Arrival
Rain Poncho, or umbrella
Language dictionary, and grammar books

Do Not Take Extra
Extra shampoo, soap, toothpaste. They sell this stuff.
Bottles that pop open. They do that. They pop open. Screw on.
Big lids. Small lids do not break the seal as easy
Valuables that you treasure 
Mosquito Repellent

Myth of Going Lite Backpacking
This is a transference of Hiking mentality that is walking, to "Travelers." There is a need to go very lite when you are trekking, or climbing mountains. There is a good argument for going lite in Europe, USA, or any country where a taxi is extremely expensive. However, in the other 210 countries, a taxi cost between one and three dollars, therefore you should not walk with your backpack. It is easy enough to never Carry a backpack, older retired people with problems walking can with wise decision travel in the under-developed world ten times easier than in the developed world and bring along some truly heavy luggage. Warning, and this is serious, walking with all the gear, camera, computer, and money on you for more than 100 yards or meters is dangerous. The criminals of the world know you have all your personal money, equipment and gear on you at this time.

Popular Gear of Little Value
Water Bottles
Camel Back Water System

Important Trip Packing Topics to be Explained Soon
7 Day Cruise
3 Day Trip
5 Day Trip
Caribbean Vacation
- Swimwear
Disney Cruise
European Vacation
- 2 Wheel Cart
- Water Bottle
- Camel Bak Water Hydration
- Extra Socks
- Rope
Long Trip
- Travel Bucket for Washing Clothes - Dip Showers
Road Trip
Road Trip With Kids
Trip To China
- Photos Dictionary that shows words as Pictures
Trip To Europe
- Two Wheel Cart, the cost of Taxis are Expensive
Week At The Beach
Alaskan Cruise
Business Trip
Carry On Bag
Carry On Luggage
- Items that can be damaged by water
China Trip
- Do NOT pack GPS
Europe In Summer
Europe Trip
Florida Vacation
Going On Vacation
Hawaii Vacation
International Travel
- Yellow Fever Vacination Document
- International Drivers License
Jamaica Vacation
Machu Picchu
- Altitude Sickness Medicine
Mexico Vacation
Puerto Vallarta
South America
Study Abroad
Studying Abroad
Traveling Abroad
Vacation Checklist

What To Pack