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The Never Return Bag

I need to wander, and today I am packing my never return to Kara, Togo bag, with hopes of returning.

Sun, 12 Jan 2014 21:30:15

The Never Return Bag

Today, I am packing my “never return bag,” here in Kara, Togo West Africa, and I will travel towards Natitingou, Benin again, one of my favorite places to hangout on the planet. I have a desire to wander, my addiction to wonder.

I will return to Kara, Togo, but not one day earlier than the day I return, travel is always easier when we do not leave any mental baggage behind.


Never Return Bag

Yesterday, I watched for the movie “The Razors Edge,” with Bill Murray, and at the end he says to the girl,
“You just don’t get it.”

And, today I read this paragraph written by Henry David Thoreau,
“I look upon England today as an old gentleman who is travelling with a great deal of baggage, trumpery which has accumulated from long housekeeping, which he has not the courage to burn; great trunk, little trunk, bandbox, and bundle. Throw away the first three at least. It would surpass the powers of a well man nowadays to take up his bed and walk…”

Today, I wrote,
“Paradise cannot be found, it can only be lost.”
- Andy Lee Graham

"Au revoir" in French is not "Goodbye."

Can you muster the strength to pack a bag on the premise you never return?