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15 Tips for Packing Your Suitcase – by Sechan

Packing a suitcase - Sechan's video explains 15 good travel tips for packing your suitcase for an international trip. She is not from the USA.

packing suitcase by sechan

Traveler Sechan shares her 15 tips for how to prepare for a trip and how to pack most efficiently for it:

1. Check the weather of your destination. (Check at least three different websites).
2. Plan activities and schedules in advance.
3. Make a list of items to pack, and mark your suitcase.
4. Do not over-pack your suitcase. Ask yourself: Do I really need this?
5. Rolling your clothes lets you pack more and stops wrinkles.
6. Fold clothes.
7. Put heavy items above the wheels.
8. Pack fragile items in the center of the suitcase.
9. Stuff your socks inside your shoes.
10. Bring a pair of versatile shoes.
11. Make your beach bag your carry-on.
12. Spread books throughout your bag.
13. Minimize on toiletries.
14. Use transparent plastic bags to separate dirty items.
15. Keep your valuable items safe. Scan and photocopy your passport, and keep it as a doc in Google Drive. Save your passport info in your email account, along with contact info.

The video concludes with a fast-motion demonstration of efficient packing.

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I have another suggestion that works for me every time. Pack up at least early a day ahead of time, let it sit.
Come back later an unload and repack.
You will often be surprised at the things you leave out the 2nd time.
You ask yourself "Why did I pack this in there?"
A lot of the things you pack are things that are cheap to buy where you're going and can leave behind when you get ready to come home, this includes clothes.
Another thing you can do is have different size suitcases, backpacks handy. Why?
Try to always leave a little open space available that you will be able to use for those things you get where you're going and want to bring home.


Packing is difficult to mess up, because they really do sell things at our final destination. Strange, the only thing I always buy in the USA is underwear and socks, and my shoes, and none were made in the USA.

Packing is fun, and I enjoy the challenge of trying to get people to carry my backpack for me, I strive to never pick up my backpack. That is my long-term goal, to figure how to never pack it, or pick it up, that would be the life of luxury.

Have fun.

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